• ANKH

    Once upon a Dream

    Our fascination for the mysteries of Egypt is the source of the inspiration behind our exclusive gold and precious stone collection. This consists of a high jewellery capsule collection composed of limited and numbered pieces. Exquisitely manufactured, they pursue the unique beauty of the scarce and the rare. We offer modern pieces which reinterpret the talismans the great Egyptian queens once wore, from...

  • The Dorje

    A treasure for a Lifetime

    These are jewels used as amulets that traditionally provided protection against evil, danger or disease. They are our emblem and form our logo, contemporary pieces which take up the Dorje’s ancient significance (the Tibetan word ‘Dorje’ means ‘noble stone’)

    The Dorje was a charm Tibetan Buddhist monks ‘saved’ by carrying it over the Himalayas over a thousand years ago....

  • Halong Bay

    Peace on Earth

    Halong Bay in North Vietnam is our favourite spot in the whole world – and also the name of this collection. We want these pieces to transmit the energy and huge peace which envelop you among Halong Bay’s 2,000 or more islets.

    We have brought a veritable explosion of colour back with us from this most stunning of locations. The many uses and forms the jewellery takes make this the...

  • Bridal
  • Basic Sense

    Mix´em all!!!

    Create your own ‘bottom-of-the-drawer’ jewellery collection with these accessible classics that are everything in elegance, purity and comfort. Like a white blouse, they can be worn lightly on a daily basis and go with just about everything else.

    Basic Sense is a collection which aspires to democratise the jeweller’s. We want you to be able to own jewellery you used to think...