Joy hunters

We make high quality jewels, with a strong emphasis on ethics and sustainability. We dream, draw, and design them in Spain. Once conceived, they’re created from the wisdom of an ancient and intricate craft by artisans of Madrid. We exclusively use noble metals and natural gems of great purity, however we also strive in making our jewels accessible.

Our collections irradiate light, being charged with energy and good vibrations.

How Dorje came to our lives...

We’re curious and insatiable and travelling is our passion. However, we don’t take pictures nor do we keep a travel journal. Sometimes we don’t even talk of our travels, but we do live them intensely. We do this by collecting treasures of faraway places, which are carefully transformed into radiant pieces of jewelry.

That’s how one day by chance, to our hands came a little four-pointed star made of bronze. It was a "Dorje", a fascinating find. Immediately we sensed its magical halo, the energy it emanated, and the attraction it generated. We soon came to know that besides a beautiful and mysterious object, it was also a protective amulet. Therefore, we decided to share it with you.

The Dorje symbol,"Vajra" in Sanskrit (n): རྡོ་རྗེ is an important cult object in Tibetan Buddhism. It represents the perfect union between the hardness of the diamond and the force of a lightning bolt.

It invites us to believe in magic and reminds us of that great source of strength, which we all have within since the day we’re born. A strength, which is the reflection of the valuable meaning of life. We fell in love with this philosophy and adopted it as one of our brand values.

At Dorje we can’t keep still, being anxious to take flight once again, explore incredible places and chase new ideas.

It intrigues us to think, which will be the next.

"Dive into our space and enjoy with us the moment and the now".

Tashi Delek