Look after your jewellery for life. Dos and Dont´s:

When you’ve taken off your jewellery, keep it in this delightful case we are giving you as a gift. The inside is made of soft, padded, cotton wadding.

Always safeguard your special item separately; it won’t like sharing space! Rubbing with other pieces can spoil any piece of jewellery.

Chemicals can erode precious metals. So keep your jewellery away from perfumes, creams and make-up whenever possible.

Shield them from humidity and heat.

Don’t go for a swim in the pool or the sea wearing 925mm sterling silver or 750mm fine gold; they can change colour. Clean them with a special cloth or a soft toothbrush, warm water and soap. Make sure you dry them properly.

Don’t shower or wash your hands wearing 750mm gold-plated or rhodium-plated jewellery (rhodium stops the metal from changing colour). Although our plating is high quality, pieces can lose their sheen. Clean them with a soft cloth especially for gold.

Pieces which contain textile cords must be especially protected from lotions, creams, sunlight and humidity. We use Japanese cords of the highest quality, but we should warn you that they can discolour with use.

Regularly check the position of gems and their setting so you don’t lose them.

Don’t sleep or play sport wearing your jewellery.


The period of guarantee for our jewellery is 12 months, except those pieces containing cords, in which case it is for 6 months*. To claim, you must present the receipt and enclose the case in perfect condition.

*Once the guarantee for cords no longer applies, we have a replacement service that costs 7 euros plus the mailing cost.