Hoop ring cut in 925MM Sterling. Brilliant finish, rhodium-plated (to protect the ring and preserve the color of the silver), set with a small round-cut sapphire.
A delicate jewel radiating subtle beauty.
Would you prefer it plated in pink or yellow gold? Tell us when you order (Special orders)

Sapphire Sapphire: the symbol of celestial harmony, peace and truth. The word sapphire derives from the Latin, 'sapphirus', which in turn comes from the Greek 'sapfeiros', and this from the Hebrew 'safir'. These words all signify neat, tidy, meticulous, clean, sleek, dapper, and, above all, elegant. In 'Arabian Nights', sapphires were extracted from the island of Serendib (known today as Sri Lanka). It was believed sapphires brought wisdom and enfronted the wearer to confront great challenges and encounter correct solutions. Hindu tradition associates the sapphire with self-control.

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2.0 x 2.0 x 0.4 mm.